Marine Battery & Power Cable

 Brucom supply the marine battery cables you need, when you need them, supplying the products and specifications you need to power your journey.


Cable is sold by the metre, reel or to your required length.

All our marine battery cable products are manufactured here in the UK and are to a very high standard, aimed for this particular market.

Our product range is designed so that the customer has flexibility

and choice with regards to sizing and personalisation.


We take into consideration the harsh environments of which these

may be used, within yachts, luxury yachts, jet ski, barges and ships.


This is why at every stage of manufacture, from raw materials through to finished products, quality and maintenance checks are followed throughout, ensuring that all marine battery cable products meet not only your requirements, the various national and international standards.

All our systems are manufactured to IPC standards.


If you need a specific design to be manufactured or want a product modified, Please call on 01889 272645. 

Call sales on 01889 272910