Braided sleeving is used for protection of highly sensitive electronics in many industries, where protection from fire is crucial. 

Braided sleeving is made with lightweight, self-fitting, flexible material, of which provides tough protection for all cable types up to a maximum diameter of 140mm. Low smoke, low toxicity and halogen free with an expansion ratio of 3:1.

A braided cable provides excellent cable protection, the design and structure of the polyester braiding locks out moisture and any

kind of dirt which makes it suitable for car and railway vehicle manufacturing. Braided wire can also be used in cable within machine tools, robotics and automatic equipment.

Braided cable is an authentic restoration cable for older vehicles. Manufactured by braiding PVC cable with the addition of a lacquer.

The braided wire therefore looks like an older/ the original but has the electrical and mechanical properties of cable of which is used today. 


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