Heat Shrink 

Heat shrink tubing is available in an wide range of sizes, colours and materials, many of which are cross-linked to increase performance. Heat Shrink Sleeving ratios from 2:1 to 4:1 enable ease of installation, allowing the tubing to be used in all kinds of environments. Temperature capabilities range from -75ºC to +260ºC. Heat shrink sleeving characteristics include chemical and fluid resistance, environmental and movement protection, abrasion resistance and outstanding electrical performance. Heat shrink tubing, effects the aesthetic appearance of a product.

Anywhere there are cables and wires, there is a use for heat shrink, both for protection and cosmetic enhancement. It can be used to:

  • Protect cable from water and dust

  • Insulate cables and wires against extreme heat in aircraft, boats and any other vehicle where cable is needed

  • Provide a barrier between cables and corrosive chemicals

  • Colour code cables for easy identification

  • Compact multiple wires together

  • Neatly terminate the ends of braided sleeving

  • Improve the look of cables in cars and motorcycles

Heat Shrink

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