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Battery Cable

Brucom's wire and battery cable division is recognised for its diverse electrical components and manufacturing processes. We supply manufactured battery cable for the automotive, marine and industrial markets. As a main electrical input into many products, the battery cable and other vehicle wiring products we supply are suitable for a range of power applications. Whether for machinery, products, transmission or power generation, we have the supplies you need. From design to product delivery, we offer the finest vehicle wiring products, including car battery cable, in the industry. 

 With strength in the automotive sector, as an automotive cable supplier, we offer vehicle wiring products to your requirements. All of our car battery cable and all other electrical 

components can be made to your necessities, a little insight into your aim is all we ask. Our automotive cable and marine battery cable are built in-house, from the electrical components chosen by yourself. You have full control over the design and output if you have a set goal, if not, this is no issue. Our team are very experienced and know this industry with great insight, a design and sample is no trouble for us.  

If you require something more specific feel free to contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

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