PVC Sleeving

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PVC Sleeving

PVC sleeving protection, also used for bundling cables. Pvc Sleeving is water, oil and petrol resistant, operating at temperatures -20ºC to +70ºC.

Main Attributes

  • Self extinguishing

Further properties

  • Economical

  • Excellent Colour Fastness

  • Outstanding Electrical Insulation

  • Available in 11 Colours

This extremely durable piece of material, high dielectric strength flexible PVC sleeving is the perfect cable sleeving solution for a large range of cable and wiring operations. Designed to manage and protect a diverse selection of wires, cables, and assemblies against grating against one another and potentially harmful exposure to most chemicals, oils, and acids. This robust, buoyant PVC flexible tubing can be very effective and in most environments.

Brucoms PVC Sleeving is available in a variety of colours and sizes, Brucom provides the best  automotive electrical supplies including the PVC sleeving to easily meet the needs of almost any cable or wiring project for any means of transport. This PVC cable sleeving is orderable in either a bulk buy or in single metre purchases. This versatile, superior quality flexible PVC tubing is tested and managed here in Hixon, meeting all quality standards. All products manufactured are tested before delivery, ensuring you have the perfect product you need to achieve your aim.