Brucom's battery cable division manufactures and supplies thousands of battery and power cables into a variety of market sectors,

some of these being Automotive, Power Generation and Marine. Our battery and power cables are competitively priced and quality is not compromised in the slightest, we endeavor to produce the best.

Our cables are suitable for all low voltage auto and marine applications in Hi-Flex, High Temperature thin wall.

Rated from 110 to 500amps, it is resistant to oil, petrol, diesel, lubrications, diluted acids and has a flame retardant sheath making them ideal for harsh environments across the board.






Power Generation

Case Study

Brucom was approached earlier this year by a very well known luxury yacht company.

They first contacted us to enquire about battery cable, as they wished to explore possibilities. As a battery cable specialist, we were able to provide answers and solutions right away. 

Building the yachts involves much hard work and technology. The selection of appropriate materials is critically important here, as the environmental conditions can be so extreme. They have worked on designing these powerful yachts over many years and had an aim to achieve. Which is where we could incorporate our knowledge and skills. 

We provided a drawing according to there requirements of which they were happy to proceed with. This is where we got to work. We provided a full suite of electrics, from power cable systems to starter motor leads and battery cables. 


From this, we have continued to co-operate with Sunseeker, having insight into there productivity within the future.